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AMFORHT has been building and strengthening projects for 50 years within its 650 members and partners worldwide, supporting education and Training. Since its creation in 1969 in Nice, France, on the initiative of the World Tourism Organisation, AMFORHT has been following closely the social and economic developments of the Tourism sector and the necessities of change. Embracing humanist values, our 50th Anniversary will celebrate its global initiatives and local actions in the 64 member countries. Join us in this dynamic global "networking" event!

Tourism as synonym of peace

Since the end of World War II, the U.I.O.O.T. (International Union of the Official Organisms of Tourism, world office in Geneva) committed itself to re-launch and develop tourism and prepare it for the future.
In 1966 the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) was created.

The worries about education and vocational training, that became a fully-fledged thematic during this year, brought the UNWTO to gather experts from twelve countries at the Hotel School in Nice: all together they launched the AMFORT (World Association for Training in Tourism).

AMFORHT as synonym of quality in tourism training from 1969 to 1998 (up to 200 members)

In 1969, the association is registered to the Alpes Maritimes Prefecture. Its main mission was to develop, promote and adapt tourism training, according to the evolutions of the trade in this sector.

Three different categories of members were then represented in the association: international and national organisations involved in tourism training, skilled professionals (groups, hotel chains, independent professionals) and the education world (such as schools, universities and teachers).

AMFORHT as synonym of operational think tank from 1998 to 2010  (up to 250 members)

In 1998, the general assembly held in Geneva during an International Labor Office session decided to reactivate the association as an application of the decisions taken in Costa-Rica. The assembly gave prominence to the internationalisation and to the hotel sector, which employs 90% of the people involved in tourism.

The AMFORT status was changed and the organisation became the NEW AMFORHT (Hotel and Tourism). From that moment on, the association gathered members from 40 countries.

AMFORHT as synonym of concordance between members wishes and services offered

In 2010, the election of Mr Philippe FRANÇOIS was a turning point for the association. The new President is indeed the first AMFORHT President having a triple expertise: operational hotel manager, hotel school director and expert of international organisations.

Under the impulse of Philippe FRANÇOIS, the AMFORHT Board of Governors and the new internal organisation with country delegations, the association gets in a new era by the contribution of new services to its members.

In 2018, the NGO counts 63 AMFORHT delegations (active Members, as points of contacts representing the Association and organizing conferences) and more than 800 members and sympatizers worldwide.

Former Presidents 


1969-1972 - M. Ignacio DIAZ of AGUILAR (Spain)

1972-1976 - M. Gérard LABEAU, Tourism Expert, Professor (Belgium)

1976-1982 - M. Bernard GEHRI, Higher College Director (Switzerland)

1982-1986 - M. Luis ECHEVERRIA (Spain)

1986-1988 - M. George KIBEDI, Sociologist (Canada)

1988-1996 - M. Giuseppe LOY PUDDU College Director (Italy)

1996-2002 - M. Serge PERROT, Inspector of National Education, Expert in Tourism (France)

2002-2006 - M. Michel HOERNER, Tourism University President (France)

2006-2010 - M. Carlos LIMA, College Director (Portugal)

2010-2022 - M. Philippe FRANCOIS, International expert (France)

International Events

Each year, a Worldwide AMFORHT Forum is organized in a different country, school or organization.
It aims to gather all Members and key leaders of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry.


With your support and trust, our organisation looks forward to its future by working for friendly and effective cooperation and by sharing common humanistic values

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